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i started this blog before i was going to shanghai, china for 4 months in 2010. now i'm back in vienna, austria and back at work. but i've decided to keep posting.
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i finished “from the graveyard of the arousal industry” by justin pearson today. if you know the names and the music of all the bands in the book, it’s quite a good read. if not, it doesn’t really make sense to read it.

it’s written a little bit like a journal and starts with the childhood of justin pearson. if all this stuff really happened in his life, he really had some hard times.

the funny thing is, that he is writing about rumors that were going around about stuff he and (especially locust) did in the late 90ies. and most of the stuff you’ve actually really heard of or read about. even though the scene was tiny at that time, he was some kind of a celebrity already.

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